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Making a Call
Section 3: Call Functions
Topics Covered
• Making a Call
• Answering a Call
• Call In-progress Options
• Recent Calls
• Roaming
• Voice Commands
This section describes how to make or answer a call with the phone open. It also
includes the features and functionality associated with making or answering a call.
Making a Call
1. From the main screen, enter the number you want to call using the keypad.
2. Press
Making Calls Using Contacts
Contacts are entries that you create to store names, numbers, and other information
for people or groups of interest. If you’ve already entered information into your
Contacts list, you can recall and dial the contact easily. For more information, refer
to "Adding a Contact" on page 56.
1. From the main screen, press the right soft key
2. Use the Navigation wheel to highlight the contact you want to call.
Tip: Use the GoTo field to quickly access a contacts name. Simply, press the keys associated with contacts
name and the name(s) associated with keys pressed will appear in the display.
3. When the desired contact is highlighted, press the Center Select key
) VIEW. Details for the contact appear in the display.
Call Functions