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About Bluetooth
Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communications technology capable of
exchanging information over a distance of about 30 feet without requiring a physical
Unlike infrared, you don't need to line up the devices to beam information with
Bluetooth. If the devices are within a range of one another, you can exchange
information between them, even if they are located in different rooms.
Note: When connected to your Bluetooth headset, press the headset multi-function key to use
VoiceSignal’s Voice Dial feature.
Bluetooth Service Profiles
Actually, the Bluetooth specification is a protocol that describes how the short-range
wireless technology works, whereas individual profiles describe the services
supported by individual devices. Profiles reduce the chance that different devices
will not work together.
Your phone supports the following Bluetooth profile services:
• Voice Calls are supported using any of the following depending on the accessory:
HSP - Headset or HFP - Hands-free profiles. *
• Bluetooth Stereo uses A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile and AVRCP Audio/Video Remote Control Profile.
• Transfer Object allows sending an OPP - Object Push Profile which allows transfer
of vCard (i.e., Contact information) between devices.
• Automobile Kits can use any of the following: HFP - Hands-free or PBAP - Phone
Book Access Profiles. *
• Connectivity Connections (i.e. computer) are supported using SPP - Serial Port
(connecting two BT devices).
* For vehicle/accessory compatibility, go to
chart. Phone does not support all Bluetooth OBEX profiles.