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Opening Contacts Menu
Section 6: Understanding Your Contacts
Topics Covered
• Opening Contacts Menu
• Contacts Icons
• Adding a Contact
• Adding Pauses
• Contact Groups
• Finding a Contacts Entry
• Editing an Existing Contact Entry
• Deleting a Contact Entry
• Speed Dialing
• Emergency Contacts and Your In Case of Emergency List
• My Name Card
This section describes how you to manage your daily contacts by storing their name
and number in your Address Book. Address Book entries can be sorted by name,
entry, or group.
Opening Contacts Menu
The Contacts menu provides access to powerful features such as adding Groups,
creating and sending vCards and viewing the phone number assigned to your phone
by Verizon Wireless.
1. From the main screen, press the Center Select key (
2. Scroll to CONTACTS
and press the Center Select key (
New Contact: Add a phone number, or Email to your Contacts.
Contact List: Find a phone number by Name.
Groups: Add new or rename one of your five default groups.
Speed Dials: Set a speed dial for a contact.
In Case of Emergency: Designate up to 3 contacts as those who should be
called in case of emergency. Also enter any important emergency information
(for example, medical history or severe allergies).
Understanding Your Contacts