Download Samsung Juke User manual

Bluetooth Menu
When the Bluetooth radio is turned on, you can use the Bluetooth features available.
When the Bluetooth radio is turned off, you cannot send or receive information via
Bluetooth. To save battery life or in situations where radio use is prohibited, such as
airline traveling, you can turn off the Bluetooth wireless technology.
Warning!: To ensure that the Hearing Aid Compatibility rating for your phone is maintained, secondary
transmitters such as Bluetooth and WLAN components must be disabled during a call. For
instructions to disable these components, see "Changing Your Settings" on page 82.
1. From the main screen, press the Center Select key (
2. Use the Navigation wheel to highlight Settings & Tools
and press the
Center Select key (
2 Bluetooth Menu.
3. Press abc
4. Press the left soft key
Note: If Bluetooth is turned on, the
to turn Bluetooth On or Off.
Bluetooth icon displays in the top line of the display.
Changing Your Settings