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Call In-progress Options
Call In-progress Options
Access numerous menus and features while in a call.
Note: If the call is disconnected while accessing the Call In-progress Option, the Options menu disappears
from the display and the phone eventually returns to the main screen.
1. While in a call, press the right soft key
Options. The following menu
items appear in the display.
• Messaging: Open the Messages menu.
• Contact List: Open the contacts to view.
• Recent Calls: Displays your recent incoming, missed and outgoing calls.
• Bluetooth Menu: Displays the Bluetooth Menu so you can easily connect to a
Bluetooth device while on a call.
• Audio To Phone/Device: Allows you to switch the audio path from Device to
Phone or Phone to Device using Bluetooth.
• Main Menu: Opens the main menu.
• Notepad: Allows you to type in and save a note while on a call.
• Voice Record: Records the caller's conversation.
Note: Recording a call may require consent from the person being recorded. User should determine
applicable law and take appropriate steps to comply.
• Whisper Mode: During a call, you can set Whisper Mode to ON to help the
person receiving your call hear you better if you must speak softly. After the call
ends, Whisper Mode will be reset to OFF.
2. Use the Navigation wheel to highlight a menu. Press the Center Select key
) to open the highlighted menu or to activate the feature.
3. Press the left soft key
Mute/Unmute to mute the call. Press again to
unmute the call.
Call Functions