Download Samsung Juke User manual

4. If the entry contains more than one number, use the Navigation wheel to
highlight the desired number.
5. Press
to call the number.
Answering a Call
To answer a call by opening the phone's swivel, the Answer Option should be set to
Swivel Open. This is the default option.
If the swivel is already open when the call is received:
• Press the
key to answer the call.
• Press the right soft key
• Press the left soft key
Ignore to redirect the call immediately to voicemail.
Quiet to silence the ringer.
To receive a call with the phone closed, the phone’s Answer Option must be set to
either: Any Key or Auto w/ Handsfree.
Note: Any Key only works as described when phone is open.
• Any Key: Calls are answered when any key is pressed except
. If you
it will ignore the call and send it to voicemail.
• Auto w/ Handsfree: Calls are answered automatically with a 5 second delay.
If the swivel is closed when the call is received, use your Navigation wheel to select
one of the following options and then press the Center Select key (
• Quiet to silence the ringer.
• Ignore to redirect the call immediately to voicemail.
• Answer (Speaker) to answer the incoming call. If the Auto w/Handsfree option is
enabled, these incoming calls are automatically answered within 5 seconds.
Note: To change the answer options, see "Answer Options" on page 101.
Answering Call-Waiting Calls
When you receive a call while on a call:
• Press
and answer the new call and place your current call on hold or let the
new call go to your voicemail.
• Press
to return to your original call when you finish with an incoming call.