Download Samsung Juke User manual

Entering Numbers
Enter numbers into a text message while in number mode (123). For more
information, refer to "Changing the Text Entry Mode" on page 50.
1. From the main screen, press the left soft key
Message, then press
1 New Message, 1 TXT Message to compose a new text
2. Enter the phone number or email address of the recipient, then press the
down navigation or the Center Select key (
3. Press the left soft key
) key to move to the Text
Abc to display a pop-up menu containing the
text entry mode options.
4. Abc is highlighted by default. Use the Navigation wheel to highlight 123,
then press the Center Select key (
5. Enter the key that corresponds with the number that you wish to enter. For
4 for the number 4.
example, press ghi
6. When you are finished adding numbers, press the left soft key
123 to
select a different method of text entry or press the Center Select key
) SEND to send your message.