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Voice Commands
Adapting Voice Commands
Voice dialing works well for most people without special adaptation. However,
people with strong accents or unique voice characteristics may receive better results
after adapting the system to match their voices.
You should adapt Digit Dial only if the system is frequently unable to recognize your
speech. After you adapt Digit Dial, your phone is customized to your voice, and your
voice only. Others will not be able to use it unless they reset the phone to factory
Adaptation involves recording several digit sequences to adapt the system to the
unique properties of your voice. The adaptation process takes about three minutes.
Tips for adapting Digit Dial
• Adapt digits in a quiet place.
• Make sure you wait for the beep before starting to speak.
• Speak clearly, and say each digit distinctly.
• If you make a mistake while recording a sequence of digits, or if there is an
unexpected noise that spoils the recording, re-record that sequence.
• Only adapt digits if you regularly have problems with digit dialing. Once adapted,
digit dialing will not work as well for other people using your phone.
• Adapt Digit Dial to your voice.
Digit Dial Adaptation
To access the Adapt Digits menu, follow these steps:
1. From the main screen, press the Center Select key (
2. Use the Navigation wheel to highlight Settings & Tools
and then
press the Center Select key (
3. Press jkl Phone Settings, then def Voice Commands.
2 Voice Settings, then def Digit Dialing.
4. Press abc
5. Adapt Digits is highlighted. Press
1 or Center Select key (
6. A short description of the Adapt Digits displays.
7. Read the description until you are comfortable to proceed, then press the
Center Select key (
8. Your phone displays the first digit sequence and “Please say” plays
through the speakerphone followed by the four digits appearing in the
Wait for the beep and repeat the digits using your normal tone of voice.
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