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Changing the Text Entry Mode
Section 5: Entering Text
Topics Covered
• Changing the Text Entry Mode
• Entering Text Using Word Mode
• Entering Characters in Abc Mode
• Switching to Upper and Lower Case
• Entering Symbols
• Entering Numbers
This section outlines how to select the desired text input mode when entering
characters into your phone. This section also describes how to use the T9 predictive
text entry system to reduce the amount of key strokes associated with entering text.
Changing the Text Entry Mode
1. While composing a message, press left soft key
Abc to display a
pop-up menu with the following Text Entry Mode options:
• Word
• Abc
• 123
• Symbols
• Shortcuts**
• Quick Text*
Note: The Shortcuts option is only available when the To field is highlighted. Use the Shortcuts option to
quickly enter @, .com, .net, or .edu to an Email address.**
The Quick Text option is only available when the Text field is highlighted. Use this option to quickly
enter common phrases*.
Tip: Press and hold the
to cycle between text entry modes (Abc, 123, and Word).
Entering Text