Download ISP Daisy Chain Reference Manual

Daisy Chain Downloading
Figure 3-17. Open .ISP File Dialog Box
2. Type in the name of your design file in the File Name field. It must have an .isp
extension. If you forgot to include the .isp extension, the file will not appear in the
Field Name list. In that case, select ALL in the List File of Type field.
3. Click OK. The name.isp appears in the main ISP window. This function loads the
ISP bit stream file into the buffer and reconstructs the configuration setup window.
It is ready for a device programming download.
Or click Cancel to close the Open .ISP File dialog box.
4. Check the Messages window to see that the bit stream has been loaded
The ISP bit stream file loads into the buffer and is ready to access for a device
programming download. The Turbo Run, Turbo Verify, and the Turbo Load icons
are enabled.
ISP Daisy Chain Download Reference Manual