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Daisy Chain Downloading
Opening a Configuration
To open a configuration:
1. Select File ⇒ Open or click the Open icon in the ispDCD menu. The standard
Open dialog box appears.
2. Click OK to execute or Cancel to close the dialog box.
Detecting a Configuration
If you want the software to identify all the devices available for programming,
regardless of how you have them ported or mounted, use the Configuration ⇒ Scan
Board command. This command detects all the available ISP devices and lists their
order and device type. Once the ispDCD software identifies this information,
complete the process by filling in the .jed file names and choosing the Operation for
each device, exactly like the new configuration procedure beginning on page 28.
To identify the ispLSI devices in an ISP chain or ispJTAG chain automatically:
Select Configuration ⇒ Scan Board or click the Scan icon from the ISP Daisy
Chain Download menu (Figure 3-30). If you connected more than 64 devices to the
board, an alert appears in the Messages window. The ispDCD software can only
detect and read up to 64 devices per file. Otherwise, the Scan Board Configuration
Setup window appears with the Index and Device fields filled.
Figure 3-30. Configuration ⇒ Scan Board Menu Option
ISP Daisy Chain Download Reference Manual