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Daisy Chain Downloading
Saving a New Download Configuration
Once you set all the parameters for the configuration, save it.
To save a new download configuration:
1. Select File ⇒ Save As or click the Save icon from the ISP Daisy Chain Download
menu (Figure 3-29). The standard Save As dialog box appears.
2. Type in the name of your design file in the File Name field. It must have a .dld
extension. If you enter more than eight characters, the file name is truncated. The
full name of a file is not recognized against the truncated file name so the
truncated file name overwrites itself each time you perform a save.
3. Choose the directory and file type.
4. Click OK. The name.dld appears in the main ISP window.
If the file name already exists, a warning box to overwrite the file appears. Click
Yes to overwrite the existing file. Click No to return to the Save As dialog box and
save the file with a new name.
Click Cancel to close the Save As dialog box. The configuration setup is not
Figure 3-29. File ⇒ Save As Menu Option
ISP Daisy Chain Download Reference Manual