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Daisy Chain Downloading
Changing the Port
When you launch the ispDCD software with the cables properly connected, it
identifies the first port it detects. This menu allows you to change the port setup to
accommodate your porting needs.
To change the port setup:
1. Select Configuration ⇒ Port Assignment from the ispDCD menu. The Port
Assignment dialog box appears (Figure 3-33).
Figure 3-33. Port Assignment Dialog Box
2. Use the pull-down arrow to select a port. Make sure your choice is highlighted. It
appears in the top of the box.
3. Click OK to execute your changes or Cancel to close the box with no changes.
If the cable is not connected or cannot be detected, an error message displays in
the Messages window (Figure 3-34).
Figure 3-34. No Cable Connected Error Message
ISP Daisy Chain Download Reference Manual