Download Canon 1867B001 Security Camera User Manual

Setting Image Size, Quality and Camera Control (Video and Camera)
● The auto focus might have difficulty with the following objects:
Subjects with little or
no contrast (a white
wall, for example)
Angled subjects
Highly reflective
Subjects that consist
entirely of oblique or
horizontal lines or stripes
subjects such as
flames or smoke
Subjects seen
through glass
Quickly moving
Night views or dark
Far and near
subjects in a frame
● The focusing range (approx) differs depend on the Day Mode or Night Mode. The
ranges for Wide and Tele ends are the same.
Focus Mode
Auto (for domes)
Fixed at infinity
Day Mode
Night Mode*
0.3m (11.8 in) – ∞
2.0m (78.7 in) – ∞
0.3m (11.8 in) – ∞
Point of infinity
* When you are using an infrared lamp, the focusing range for “Auto” and “Auto
(for domes)” will be approximately 0.6m (23.6in) to ∞, and for “Fixed at infinity”, it
may become out of focus depending on objects.
● When focus adjustment is difficult (e.g., when shooting a night scene which has
low contrast), it is recommended to fix the focus to infinity.
3 Slow Shutter
Select the longest slow shutter speed used in the Auto Exposure mode when shooting a dark
image. NTSC: “Not Used”, “1/15”, and “1/8.” PAL: “Not Used”, “1/12”, and “1/6”. A longer shutter
speed results in a longer trail with a moving object. Select a speed appropriate for the shooting
scene (→dStart Guide P.1-8).
4 Day & Night
Specify how to switch between the Day and Night modes. Select from “Manual” and “Auto”.
* If you are using an infrared lamp, you cannot use the Auto mode.