Download Canon 1867B001 Security Camera User Manual

Overview of NC Viewer Operation
2. Click “Add” from the Camera List
Enter connection settings and click “OK” to add
the camera to the list.
1 Nickname
Enter a name for register a camera (You
can use up to 32 alphanumeric characters).
2 Host Name
Enter the IP address or host name set on
the camera (→ P.1-17).
NC Viewer and Viewer Switcher
3. A Register Camera (Add) dialog box
to select a camera appears.
3 User Name
Enter the user name to connect to the
camera. Users can authorized users
registered on the camera (→ P.1-15) or
administrator “root”.
4 Password
Enter the password for the specified user name.
5 HTTP Port
Enter the HTTP port number set on the camera (→ P.1-12). Use default setting (80) if you
do not need to change.
6 Send and Receive audio
Check this box and connect a microphone and speaker with amp to the camera if you want
to send and receive audio via the NC Viewer (→ P.3-23). Authorized User can only receive
audio. You need other settings to transmit or receive audio (→ P.1-14).
7 Remember Password
Check this option to save the password.
If Administrator and Authorized User use the NC Viewer from the same PC, it is
strongly recommended not to check the Remember Password option.