Download Canon 1867B001 Security Camera User Manual

Overview of NC Viewer Operation
Receiving Audio
You can connect a microphone with amp to the camera and then receive audio from the camera.
To Make Settings...
1. Click “Audio” on the toolbar.
2. The Audio dialog is displayed.
1 Receive audio data
You can receive audio from the microphone
with amp connected to the VB-C300 by
selecting “Receive audio data”.
2 Volume Slider
Adjust the PC’s speaker volume
3 Mute
Selecting “Mute” turns the sound off.
Transmitting Audio (Administrator Only)
You can connect a microphone to the PC and speaker with amp to the camera and then transmit
audio from the VB-C300 to the NC Viewer. Perform settings for an administrator to send audio to
the VB-C300. Only the administrator can use this function (→ P.3-29).
You must set the following settings in advance to transmit and recieve audio.
● Check the Enable Audio Transmission box and Enable Audio Reception box on
the Audio Server section of on the Server settings page (→ P.1-13).
● Check the Send and receive audio box in the Connection Setting dialog when
starting the NC Viewer (→ P.3-5, 3-23).
● When starting the NC Viewer from the VBAdmin Tools, check the Send and receive
audio option on the Connection Settings tab in the Setup properties dialog (→ P.331).