Download Canon 1867B001 Security Camera User Manual

Overview of NC Viewer Operation
3. Configure printing settings.
Click “Setup” to change the printing settings.
After printing the image, click “Pause/Resume”
to display video.
1 Print position
You can specify where the image should
be printed.
2 Print camera information
Check this option to print camera parameters including pan and tilt with the image.
Copying Still Image
To copy still image ...
1. Click “Pause/Resume” when the desired
video displayed.
The video is displayed as a still image.
2. Choose “Copy Still Image” from the
File menu bar.
The image is copied to the Clipboard.
Displaying Information and Video
You can display information related to video, camera, and network in the dialog.
To view information...
1. Select “Video Information”, “Camera Information”, and “Network” from the
View menu bar.
Video Information
● Frame rate
Number of frames per second
● Data size per frame
Number of bytes per frame
● Image size
The numbers of vertical and horizontal pixels
of video data being received