Download Canon 1867B001 Security Camera User Manual

Overview of NC Viewer Operation
2 Confirm when changing to full screen mode
Check this option to display the confirmation message before changing to the full screen
Adding and Changing Camera List
If you register a camera, you can easily select the camera from the list and connect to it.
This section explains how to register a camera and change a registered camera. Up to 100 cameras
can be registered.
Registering Camera in Connection
To make settings ...
Select “Register Current Camera”
from the File menu bar to register the
camera currently connected.
The registered camera is listed in the Camera
list box and can be selected for connection.
You can change or delete a camera in the list
(→ P.3-6, 3-23).
Adding, Changing, or Deleting Camera
▼Adding a camera to the list
To register a camera currently not connected:
To make settings ...
1. Choose “Camera List” from the View
menu bar.