Download Canon 1867B001 Security Camera User Manual

Overview of NC Viewer Operation
▼ To change or delete list contents:
To make settings ...
Choose “Camera List” from the View
menu bar.
The Camera List dialog appears.
Select a camera to change or delete from the
Click “Edit” to change the settings or “Delete”
to delete the camera.
1 Clicking “Edit” opens the Register Camera
(Edit) dialog.
Change the settings. Click “OK” to reflect
the new settings to the camera.
2 Clicking “Delete” deletes the Camera.
A confirmation message appears.
Clicking “OK” deletes the camera.
▼ To change the order of cameras in
the list:
You can change the register order of cameras
by selecting a camera and clicking “Up” or
The new order is reflected to the list display
order in the Camera List box.