Download Canon 1867B001 Security Camera User Manual

Panorama Creation Tool
Capturing Panorama Image
To Capture...
1. Click “Capture” to start capturing.
Change the AE lock position as required.
Check the Indoor Dome Housing (VB-RD41S)
option if you are using the optional indoor dome
To stop capturing while it is in progress, click the
Stop button.
2. After capturing is completed, click “OK”
to accept the image.
To capture the picture again, click “Recapture”.
Or, a square section in the displayed grid can be
captured again by double-clicking on that section.
To change the AE lock position, click “Cancel” to
discard the captured image and return to the initial
If you are using the optional indoor dome housing, select Indoor Dome Housing (VBRD41S) option so that the area obstructed by the dome housing is not recorded
(→dStart Guide P.1-9).