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DPOF print
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Advanced Guide > Printing Using the Operation Panel of the Machine > Printing from a Memory Card > Using Useful
Printing Functions > DPOF print
DPOF print
Settings for Printing a Photo on a Memory Card
1. Select DPOF print, then press the OK button.
If you have specified Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) settings on your digital camera, you can print
using these settings.
The machine supports the following DPOF functions:
Based on ver. 1.00
Supported image types:
CIFF, Exif (TIFF), and JFIF
Print Style Standard Print:
Prints photos that were specified as "Standard Print" with DPOF
Print Style Index Print:
Prints an index of photos that were specified as "Index Print" with DPOF using the machine's
index printing layout
Print Style Multi-Image Print:
Prints a photo that was specified as "Multi-Image Print" with DPOF (with the specified number
of copies and layout)
Print Photo Select:
Prints only photos specified with DPOF
Number of copies:
Prints the number of copies specified with DPOF
Prints are automatically enlarged or reduced to match the page size. Edges of the photo may
be clipped off depending on the page size.
The shot date order setting by which photos are sorted follows that of DPOF.
DPOF is a standard format to record the specified information regarding images, such as
which image or number of copies to print.
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