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Basic Mode Tab
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In the Add/Delete the Output Size dialog box, you can specify multiple output sizes and save
them at one time. Saved items appear in the Output Size list along with the predefined items.
To add a size, enter Output Size Name, Width and Height, then click Add. For Unit, you can
select mm or inches when Destination is Print (300 dpi) but you can only select pixels when
Destination is Image display (150 dpi). The name of the added size appears in Output Size List.
Click Save to save the items listed in Output Size List.
To delete an item, select it in Output Size List and click Delete. Click Save to save the items
listed in Output Size List.
You cannot delete predefined output sizes such as A4 and 1024 x 768 pixels.
Save up to 10 output sizes to Output Size List.
An error message appears when you enter a value outside the setting range. Enter a value
within the setting range.
Whether or how the cropping frame is initially displayed on a preview image can be specified
on the Preview tab of the Preferences dialog box. See Cropping Frame on Previewed Images in
"Preview Tab ."
Invert aspect ratio
This button is available when Output Size is set to anything but Flexible.
Click this button to rotate the cropping frame. Click again to return it to the original orientation.
Adjust cropping frames
You can adjust the scan area within the Preview area.
If an area is not specified, the document will be scanned at the document size (Auto Crop). If an area
is specified, only the portion in the cropping frame will be scanned.
See "Adjusting Cropping Frames " for details on cropping frames.
Image corrections
Fading correction
Corrects and scans photos that have faded with time or have a colorcast.