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Adjusting Colors Using a Color Pattern
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Advanced Guide > Scanning > Scanning with Other Application Software > Correcting Images and Adjusting Colors with
ScanGear (Scanner Driver) > Adjusting Colors Using a Color Pattern
Adjusting Colors Using a Color Pattern
You can preview color changes and reproduce natural colors by using the Color Pattern function in
ScanGear's Basic Mode.
Color Adjustment
Correct colors that have faded with time or due to colorcast. Colorcast is a phenomenon where a specific
color affects the entire picture due to the weather or ambient strong colors.
Click an arrow in Color Adjustment to emphasize the corresponding color.
Cyan & red, magenta & green and yellow & blue are complementary color pairs (each pair produces a
shade of gray when mixed). You can reproduce the natural colors of the scene by reducing the cast color
and increasing the complementary color.
It is recommended that you find a portion in the image where it should be white, and adjust the colors so
that the portion turns white.
Preview image appears in the center. Preview image colors change as you adjust them.