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Controller, Access Points and Convergence Software terms and abbreviations
The RF Data Collector (RFDC) is an application on the HiPath
Wireless Controller that receives and manages the Radio Frequency
(RF) scan messages sent by the Wireless AP. This application is part
of the Mitigator technique, working in conjunction with the scanner
mechanism and the analysis engine to assist in detecting rogue
access points.
Virtual Network
Services (VNS)
The Virtual Network Services (VNS) technique is Siemens's means
of mapping wireless networks to the topology of an existing wired
network. When you set up Virtual Network Services (VNS) on the
HiPath Wireless Controller, you are defining subnets for groups of
wireless users. This VNS definition creates a virtual IP subnet where
the HiPath Wireless Controller acts as a default gateway for wireless
devices. This technique enables policies and authentication to be
applied to the groups of wireless users on a VNS, as well as the
collecting of accounting information. When a VNS is set up on the
HiPath Wireless Controller, one or more Wireless APs (by radio) are
associated with it. A range of IP addresses is set aside for the HiPath
Wireless Controller's DHCP server to assign to wireless devices.
VN Manager (and VN
The technique in Controller, Access Points and Convergence
Software by which multiple HiPath Wireless Controllers on a network
can discover each other and exchange information about a client
session. This enables a wireless device user to roam seamlessly
between different Wireless APs on different HiPath Wireless
Controllers, to provide mobility to the wireless device user.
One HiPath Wireless Controller on the network must be designated
as the "VN Manager". All other HiPath Wireless Controllers are
designated as "VN Agents". Relying on SLP, the VN Manager
registers with the Directory Agent and the VN Agents discover the
location of the VN Manager.
Wireless AP
The Wireless AP is a wireless LAN thin access point (IEEE 802.11)
provided with unique software that allows it to communicate only with
a HiPath Wireless Controller. (A thin access point handles the radio
frequency (RF) communication but relies on a controller to handle
WLAN elements such as authentication.) The Wireless AP also
provides local processing such as encryption. The Wireless AP is a
dual-band access point, with both 802.11a and 802.11b/g radios.
A31003-W1010-A100-1-7619, July 2005
HiPath Wireless Controller, Access Points and Convergence Software V3.0: User Guide