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Wireless AP: startup
Configuring properties and radios
Configuring properties and radios
Once a Wireless AP has successfully registered on the HiPath Wireless Controller, it appears
in the side list in the Wireless AP Configuration: Properties screen, where you can modify its
properties and radio parameters.
View and modify properties of registered Wireless APs
Select the Wireless APs tab in any screen. The Wireless AP Configuration screen
appears, with a list of registered Wireless APs.
Highlight the appropriate Wireless AP in the list. Click on the AP Properties tab to view
basic information about the highlighted Wireless AP.
To modify the default information about a selected Wireless AP, key in information in the
following fields (where appropriate):
Serial #
(Display only) A unique identifier set during manufacture.
Defaults to the serial number. Change this to a unique descriptive
name that more easily identifies the Wireless AP.
Available for descriptive comments (optional).
Port #
From the drop-down list, select the ethernet port through which
the Wireless AP can be reached.
Hardware Version
(Display only) Current version of the Wireless AP hardware.
Application Version
(Display only) Current version of the Wireless AP software.
A31003-W1010-A100-1-7619, July 2005
HiPath Wireless Controller, Access Points and Convergence Software V3.0: User Guide