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Controller, Access Points and Convergence Software configuration
Filtering at the interface level
Port Status:
To enable OSPF on the port, select Enabled from the drop-down
Link Cost:
Key in the OSPF standard for your network for this port. Default
displayed is 10. (The cost of sending a data packet on the
interface. The lower the cost, the more likely the interface is to be
used to forward data traffic.)
If more than one port is enabled for OSPF, it is desirable to prevent the HiPath
Wireless Controller from serving as a router for other network traffic (other than
the traffic from wireless device users controlled by the HiPath Wireless
Controller). To ensure that the HiPath Wireless Controller is never the preferred
OSPF route, one solution is to set the Link Cost to its maximum value of 65535.
Filters should also be defined in the Virtual Network Configuration – Filtering
screen that will drop routed packets.
From the drop-down list, select the authentication type set up for
the OSPF on your network: None or Password.
If “Password” was selected above, key it in here. This password
must match on either end of the OSPF connection.
Time in seconds (displays OSPF default).
Time in seconds (displays OSPF default).
Retransmit-Interval: Time in seconds (displays OSPF default).
Transmit delay:
Time in seconds (displays OSPF default).
To save these settings, click on the Save button.
To confirm that the ports are set up for OSPF, and that advertised routes from the upstream
router are recognized, click View Forwarding Table to view the Forwarding Table report. Two
additional reports display OSPF information when the protocol is in operation:
OSPF Neighbor report displays the current neighbors for OSPF (routers that have
interfaces to a common network)
OSPF Linkstate report shows the Link State Advertisements (LSAs) received by the
currently running OSPF process. The LSAs describe the local state of a router or network,
including the state of the router’s interfaces and adjacencies.
Filtering at the interface level
The Controller, Access Points and Convergence Software has a number of built-in filters that
protect the system from unauthorized traffic. These filters are applied at the network interface
level and are automatically invoked.
A31003-W1010-A100-1-7619, July 2005
HiPath Wireless Controller, Access Points and Convergence Software V3.0: User Guide