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Wireless AP: startup
Discovery and registration
When powered on, the Wireless AP status LED turns from dark to green briefly.
Status LED: green (solid) then to dark before beginning boot sequence.
The Wireless AP performs a self-test.
Status LED: red (solid) if POST failed.
The "Discovery" mode: the Wireless AP sends a request to the DHCP server on the
enterprise network for the location of the HiPath Wireless Controller (as described above.)
Status LED: orange (solid) while searching ("Discovery")
Status LED: red-orange (alternate blink) if DHCP server not found on network
Status LED: green-orange (alternate blink) if SLP issues in failed discovery.
The Wireless AP "learns" the IP address of the HiPath Wireless Controller,
Status LED: orange (blink) when IP address successfully obtained ("Registration" process
Status LED: red (blink) if "Registration" fails
The Wireless AP sends its serial number (a unique identifier that is hard coded during
manufacture) to the HiPath Wireless Controller.
Status LED: green (blink) when Wireless AP finds HiPath Wireless Controller ("Standby"
The HiPath Wireless Controller sends the Wireless AP a port IP address and a binding key,
as follows:
If the HiPath Wireless Controller does not recognize the serial number, it sends a
default configuration to the Wireless AP.
If it does recognize the serial number, it sends the specific configuration (port and
binding key) set for that Wireless AP.
The HiPath Wireless Controller also adds the Wireless AP to its database.
Status LED: green (blink) when Wireless AP finds HiPath Wireless Controller ("Standby"
When the binding key is received, the Wireless AP's status changes from "Standby" to
"Active". It becomes active and is enabled to transmit data traffic.
LED: green steady ("Active")
When the Wireless AP has wireless traffic, you will see a green blink on the traffic LED. The left
LED indicates the traffic LED for activity on the 2.4 GHz radio, while the right LED indicates
activity on the 5 GHz radio.
A31003-W1010-A100-1-7619, July 2005
HiPath Wireless Controller, Access Points and Convergence Software V3.0: User Guide