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Wireless AP: startup
Wireless AP access approval
Wireless AP access approval
You can also view and modify the status of registered Wireless APs. Use this function to modify
the status of a Wireless AP from "Pending" to "Approved" for a manual registration. You can
also delete the configuration of Wireless APs that are no longer in service.
Modify a Wireless AP's registration status (approve access)
Click on the Wireless APs tab. The Wireless AP Configuration screen appears. Click on
the Access Approval option. The Access Approval screen appears, displaying the current
registered Wireless APs and their current status.
The Home field displays "Local" (this HiPath Wireless Controller) or "Foreign" (other
HiPath Wireless Controllers), if you have set up two Controllers in Paired Mode, as
described in the HiPath Wireless Controller Configuration: Availability topic.
Select the Wireless APs for status change, either by:
clicking the checkbox on to select a specific Wireless AP, or
using one of the Select Wireless APs buttons to select by category
To perform an action on the selected Wireless APs, click on one of the Action buttons:
Approved, Pending, Release, Delete.
Change a Wireless AP's status from "Pending" to "Approved", if the Wireless AP
Configuration: AP Registration screen was set to register only approved Wireless APs.
Release "foreign" Wireless APs after recovery from a Failover, as described in the
Availability topic.
A31003-W1010-A100-1-7619, July 2005
HiPath Wireless Controller, Access Points and Convergence Software V3.0: User Guide