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Controller, Access Points and Convergence Software configuration
Setting up OSPF Routing
Ensure that the OSPF parameters defined here for the HiPath Wireless Controller are
consistent with the adjacent routers in the OSPF area. The parameters include the following:
If the peer router has different timer settings, the protocol timer settings in the HiPath
Wireless Controller must be changed to match, in order to achieve OSPF adjacency.
The MTU of the ports on either end of an OSPF link must match. The MTU for ports on the
HiPath Wireless Controller is defined as 1500, in the IP Addresses screen, during data port
setup. This matches the default MTU in standard routers.
Setting up OSPF Routing on the HiPath Wireless Controller
Click on the OSPF tab in the Routing Protocols screen. The OSPF Settings screen
In the Global Settings area, enable OSPF by filling in the following fields:
OSPF Status: To enable OSPF, select ON from the drop-down list.
Router ID:
If left blank, the OSPF daemon will automatically pick a router ID from one
of the HiPath Wireless Controller’s interface IP addresses.
If filled in here with the IP address of the HiPath Wireless Controller, this
ID must be unique across the OSPF area.
Area ID:
0 is the main area in OSPF
Area Type:
Select Default (Normal), Stub, or Not-so-stubby (OSPF area types) from
the drop-down list.
To save these settings, click on the Save button.
In the Port Settings area, for the data port defined as a “Router Port”, fill in these fields:
A31003-W1010-A100-1-7619, July 2005
HiPath Wireless Controller, Access Points and Convergence Software V3.0: User Guide