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Wireless AP: startup
Configuring properties and radios
(Display only) "Approved" = Wireless AP has received its binding
key from the HiPath Wireless Controller after the Discovery
process. "Pending" = binding key not yet received.
You can modify the status of a Wireless AP (for example from
"Pending" to "Approved") in the Access Approval screen.
Active Clients
(Display only) The number of wireless devices currently active on
the Wireless AP.
Poll Timeout
The default is 30 seconds.
Poll Interval
The default is 5 seconds.
If this Wireless AP is to used in Bridge Mode as part of a static configuration for Branch
Office deployment, click the Maintain client session in event of poll failure checkbox on
in order to maintain the session. See Section 5.7.3, “Wireless AP static configuration:
branch office deployment”, on page 58.
To save the modified information, click on the Save button.
View and modify the radio settings of registered Wireless APs
Most properties of the Wireless AP radios can be modified without triggering a reboot of the
Wireless AP. However, modifying the following will trigger a reboot:
enabling or disabling either radio
changing the radio channel between "Auto" and any fixed channel number.
View and modify the radio settings
Select the Wireless APs tab in any screen. The Wireless AP Configuration screen
appears, with a list of registered Wireless APs.
Highlight the appropriate Wireless AP in the list. Then click on either radio tab:
802.11 b/g (2.4 GHz radio)
802.11a (5 GHz radio)
Each screen displays the default radio settings for each radio on the Wireless AP. If this
radio has been assigned to a VNS (up to four VNSs), the VNS names and MAC addresses
appear in the Base Settings area.
A31003-W1010-A100-1-7619, July 2005
HiPath Wireless Controller, Access Points and Convergence Software V3.0: User Guide