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Opening Saved Files
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Advanced Guide > Printing from a Computer > Printing with the Bundled Application Software > Other Settings > Opening
Saved Files
Opening Saved Files
You can open files created with Easy-PhotoPrint EX.
1. Click Library from Menu.
The Open dialog box appears.
You can check files created and saved with Easy-PhotoPrint EX by icon view (only for Windows Vista)
or thumbnail view.
When using 64bit Edition of Windows Vista or Windows XP, the contents of files cannot be
displayed on Explorer.
2. Select the file you want to open and click Open.
The Edit screen appears.
Easy-PhotoPrint EX supports the following file formats (extensions).
- Easy-PhotoPrint EX Album file (.el1)
- Easy-PhotoPrint EX Stickers file (.el2)
- Easy-PhotoPrint EX Calendar file (.el4)
- Easy-PhotoPrint EX Layout file (.el5)
3. Edit the file if necessary.
See the following sections for details on the editing procedures.