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Save as PDF file Dialog Box
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Advanced Guide > Scanning > Scanning with the Bundled Application Software > MP Navigator EX Screens > Save as
PDF file Dialog Box
Save as PDF file Dialog Box
The Save as PDF file dialog box opens when you scan from Save as PDF file on the Custom Scan with
One-click tab or from PDF in the One-click Mode screen after selecting Open the save dialog box after
scanning the image.
In the Save as PDF file dialog box, you can make settings for saving images to a computer.
You cannot save images scanned at 10501 pixels or more in the vertical and horizontal directions.
Save as type
Select a PDF file type to save the scanned images.
Save each of the selected images as a separate PDF file.
PDF(Multiple Pages)
Save multiple images in one PDF file.
PDF(Multiple Pages) is displayed when multiple images are scanned.
PDF(Add Page)
Add the scanned images to a PDF file. The images are added to the end of the PDF file. You
cannot rearrange the pages of the PDF file to which the images are added.
Images can only be added to PDF files created with MP Navigator EX. You cannot specify
PDF files created with other applications. PDF files edited in other applications cannot be
specified as well.