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Printing Documents (Macintosh)
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(5) Select the print quality in Print Quality.
Here we select Standard.
For details on the print quality, refer to the on-screen manual:
Advanced Guide .
(Question) on the Quality & Media, Color
For details on the printer driver functions, click
Options, Special Effects, Borderless Printing, or Margin screen.
To display the preview to confirm the print result, click Preview. Some software applications
may not have a preview function.
Start printing.
Click Print to start printing.
Click the printer icon in the Dock to display the list of print jobs in progress.
To cancel a print job in progress, select the desired job in the Name list and click Delete.
To temporarily stop a job in progress, click Hold. To temporarily stop all the jobs in the list, click
Stop Jobs.
If printed ruled lines are misaligned or print results are unsatisfactory, adjust the print head
See Aligning the Print Head .
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