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Using Keywords to Find a Document
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The search is started, and the titles of documents containing the keyword are displayed in the
search results list.
When you execute a search by entering multiple keywords, the search results are displayed as
shown below.
[Documents Containing Perfect Match]
Documents containing the entire search character string (including spaces) exactly as entered
(perfect match)
[Documents Containing All Keywords]
Documents containing all keywords that were entered
[Documents Containing Any Keyword]
Documents containing at least one of the keywords that were entered
4. Display the document that you want to read
From the search results list, double-click (or select and press Enter) the title of the document you
want to read.
When the documents of that title are displayed, the keywords found on those documents are
If you modify the keyword entry and perform multiple searches, a search history remains. To delete
the search history, click
located to the right of Keyword, and select Clear History, which is
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