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Setting the Number of Copies and Printing Order
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Uncheck this check box to print all pages with the same page number together.
5. Complete the setup
Click OK.
The specified number of copies will be printed with the specified printing order.
When the application software that you used to create the document has the same function, give
priority to the printer driver settings. However, if the print results are not acceptable, specify the
function settings on the application software. When you specify the number of copies and the
printing order with both the application and this printer driver, the number of copies may be
multiplied numbers of the two settings or the specified printing order may not be enabled.
Print from Last Page and Collate appear grayed out and are unavailable when Booklet is selected
for Page Layout.
Print from Last Page appears grayed out and is unavailable when Poster is selected for Page
By setting both Print from Last Page and Collate, you can perform printing so that papers are
collated one by one starting from the last page.
These settings can be used in combination with Borderless, Normal-size, Fit-to-Page, Scaled,
Page Layout, and Duplex Printing.
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