Canon MP270 series Instruction manual Download

Main Components
Open to support the printouts. Open it when printing or copying.
(8) Platen Glass
Load an original to copy or scan.
(9) Direct Print Port (MP270 series only)
Connect a PictBridge compliant device such as a digital camera to print directly.
See Printing Photos from a PictBridge Compliant Device (MP270 series only) .
Do not connect any equipment other than PictBridge compliant devices to the Direct Print
Port of the machine. This may cause fire, electric shock, or damage to the machine.
Do not touch the metal casing.
Rear View
(10) USB Port
Plug in the USB cable to connect the machine with a computer.
Do not touch the metal casing.
Do not plug in or unplug the USB cable while the machine is printing or scanning originals
with the computer.
(11) Power Cord Connector
Plug in the supplied power cord.
Inside View
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