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Advanced Mode Tab
Displays the version of ScanGear (scanner driver) and the current scan settings (document
type, etc.).
(Open Guide)
This page appears.
Preview Area
Preview Area
This is where a trial image is displayed after you click Preview. You can also check the results of the
settings (image corrections, color adjustments, etc.) made in " Settings and Operation Buttons ."
(Thumbnail) is displayed on the Toolbar
Thumbnails of images cropped to the document size are displayed. Only the images with the
checkbox selected will be scanned.
When multiple images are previewed, different outlines indicate different selection status.
- Focus Frame (thick blue outline): The displayed settings will be applied.
- Selected Frame (thin blue outline): The settings will be applied to the Focus Frame and
Selected Frames simultaneously. You can select multiple images by clicking them while
pressing the Ctrl key.
- Unselected (no outline): The settings will not be applied.
(Whole Image) is displayed on the Toolbar
Items on the Platen are displayed as a single image. All portions in the cropping frames will be
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