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General Tab
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You can change which items are installed during installation from the Setup CD-ROM by
selecting Custom Install. If you choose not to install some applications with Custom Install, the
corresponding MP Navigator EX functions will be unavailable. To use those functions, install the
corresponding applications.
For Convert to text file, Notepad (included with Windows) is displayed. Click Set... to open a dialog
box, then specify Document Language and how to scan multiple documents.
Document Language
Specify the language according to the language of the document to be scanned. Only text
written in languages that can be selected in the Document Language can be extracted to
Combine multiple text conversion results
When scanning multiple documents, select the checkbox to collect the conversion results (text)
into one file. This checkbox is selected by default.
When the checkbox is selected, you can scan up to 99 pages at one time.
Deselect the checkbox to display each conversion result (text) in a separate file.
When the checkbox is not selected, you can scan up to 10 pages at one time.
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