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PDF Dialog Box
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settings such as destination folder and file name.
Save as PDF file Dialog Box
To set passwords for PDF files, select Open the save dialog box after scanning the image. After
scanning, you can set the passwords in the Save as PDF file dialog box.
Setting Passwords for PDF Files
Application Settings
Open with
Specify an application with which to open scanned images. Drag and drop the icon of an application
that supports the file format displayed in Save as type. The specified application starts after images
are scanned.
Depending on the specified application, the images may not appear correctly or the application
may not start.
Cancels the application setting.
Allows you to select an application to start.
Start scanning by clicking the one-click button
Select this checkbox to start scanning when you click an icon.
Saves and applies the specified settings.
Click Cancel instead of Apply to cancel the specified settings.
Cancels the specified settings. The current screen closes.
Returns all settings in the screen to their defaults.
Scans and saves documents as PDF files with the specified settings.
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