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Using Keywords to Find a Document
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Using Keywords to Find a Document
You can enter a keyword to search for a target document.
All documents in the currently displayed on-screen manual are searched.
1. Click
The search pane is displayed to the left of the on-screen manual.
to close or display the search pane.
2. Enter a keyword
In Keyword, enter a keyword for the item to be checked.
When you want to enter multiple keywords, insert a space between the keywords.
You can enter up to 10 search keywords or up to 255 characters.
Uppercase and lowercase are not discriminated.
The program can also search for keywords that contain spaces.
A convenient way of quickly finding a document to be read is to enter keywords as described
To learn how to operate a function you are using:
Enter the menu name displayed on the operation panel of this machine or on the computer
(for example, frame erase copy).
To find an explanation of the operation for a specific purpose:
Enter function + item to be printed (for example, print calendar).
3. Click Start Searching
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