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Mail Dialog Box
Select the resolution at which to scan documents.
Use the scanner driver
Select this checkbox to display the ScanGear (scanner driver) screen and make advanced scan
Color Mode, Document Size, Resolution and other settings in the Mail dialog box will be disabled.
Specify these settings in the ScanGear (scanner driver) screen.
Click to open the Scan Settings dialog box in which you can make advanced scan settings.
Scan Settings Dialog Box
Save Settings
File Size
Select a size from Small (fits in a 640 by 480 window), Medium (fits in a 800 by 600 window), Large
(fits in a 1024 by 768 window) and Original.
File name
Enter the file name of the image to be saved (up to 64 characters). When saving multiple files, 4
digits are appended to each file name.
Save as type
Select a file type to save the scanned images.
Select JPEG/Exif, PDF or PDF(Multiple Pages).
You cannot set passwords for PDF files.
You cannot select JPEG/Exif when Color Mode is Black and White.
When Save as type is JPEG/Exif
You can specify a compression type for JPEG files. Select High(Low Compression), Standard or
Low(High Compression).
When Save as type is PDF or PDF(Multiple Pages).
Make advanced settings for creating PDF files. See " PDF Settings Dialog Box " for details.
Save in
Displays the folder in which to save the scanned images. To change the folder, click Browse... to
specify another one.
The following folders are specified by default.
Windows Vista: MP Navigator EX folder in Pictures folder
Windows XP: MP Navigator EX folder in My Pictures folder
Windows 2000: MP Navigator EX folder in My Pictures folder
Save to a Subfolder with Current Date
Select this checkbox to create a subfolder in the folder specified in Save in with the current date and
save scanned files in it. A subfolder with a name such as "2009_01_01" (Year_Month_Date) will be
If this checkbox is not selected, files are saved directly in the folder specified in Save in.
Attachment Settings
Mail Program
Specify an e-mail software program.
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