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Trigger Filter Settings in Easy Mode
Teledyne LeCroy
Figure 2.81: Pre-Trigger Example, 20% Pre-Trigger
Buffer Size and Segments
The Analyzer Settings panel has the Recording Buffer pane where you can set Number of Segments and the Segment Size. The defaults are one segment of 25MB. The total size used is automatically displayed for you. Setting multiple segments will allow to trigger on the first occurrence of the trigger condition, fill up the first segment, then automatically re‐arm the trigger and repeat the remaining number of segments specified. You can use the slider button or click the up or down arrow to change memory usage for recording trace data. (Minimum size of memory is 1MB. Maximum size of memory is dependent on the hardware.) (See Figure 2.36 on page 59.) Enter an integer Num. of Segment, from 1 to 32, then enter an integer Segment Size in kilobytes, up to the memory size in megabytes divided by the number of segments. The default 1. The New Project dialog opens with default settings to capture Everything on the bus and to Trigger On on Snapshot. (The analyzer captures everything immediately without triggering on anything in particular.)
Each time a trigger condition occurs, the system records a new segment. You can use a Snapshot or Pattern trigger, but not Manual Trigger. As the same trigger automatically repeats, the system makes the number of segments that you entered.
Note: If the size of a data packet exceeds the buffer memory allocation, the project runs, but no data capture occurs. You must increase buffer memory size to a value greater than the packet size.
Trigger Position
You can set the trigger position in the captured buffer as a percentage of the segment size. Trigger point of 0% means the trigger point will be on the first packet in the buffer.
To upload segments automatically for display as the system creates them, do not select the checkbox.This defaults to 1, which defines the amount of data to capture before and after the triggering Event. You can change this percentage by dragging the slider.
In certain cases, when one port is recording traffic and filling up the memory much faster than another port, you might see traffic appearing only on one port for a while, and the SierraNet M408 User Manual