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Batch Scenario Overview
Teledyne LeCroy
Figure 5.12: Global Variables dialog window.
This window consists of two panes: on the left, a tree of all available fields. On the right is a table of fields that can be selected. You can add a global variable to the table simply by dragging a field from the tree on the left and dropping it into the table on the right. This adds the field to the table with an empty value. To edit the value, simply double‐click on the value cell.
A red "H" appears at the left of the value cell. (See Figure 5.13.) This shows, by default, that the value is to be in hexadecimal format. You can switch between binary and hexadecimal by simply clicking on the red H; it changes to a red "B" for binary. (See Figure 5.14.)
Figure 5.13: Hexadecimal button.
Figure 5.14: Binary button.
There is no length limit for the value, but it may trimmed according to field length when it is applied to a frame pattern or event. SierraNet M408 Protocol Analyzer User Manual