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Teledyne LeCroy
InFusion Scenarios
Figure 4.18: Traffic Direction
To copy an Event or Action, right‐click on the Event or Action and select Copy. Right‐click and select Paste. You can also remove, cut and copy a selected Event or Action.
You can double‐click the State name and edit it.
Copy and Paste Scenarios
You can copy and paste scenarios from one project to another project. Perform the following steps to do so:
1. Select the scenario you want to copy in either the scenario name tab and select Copy or in the Library pane, right‐click and select Copy Scenario (see Figure 4.19 on page 200.
Figure 4.19: Copy Scenario
2. Place the cursor in the area below <New Scenario> in the Library pane, in the project you want to paste in, right‐ click and select Paste Scenario.
200 SierraNet M408 Protocol Analyzer User Manual