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Advanced Mode (User‐Defined)
Teledyne LeCroy
Multi-Link Triggering
You can set different triggering for each link. To set different trigger conditions for a link, check the Multi Sequencer checkbox and select the link for setup from the Port tabs. When you select this option, you can define a sequencer per link (pair port). These sequencers are independent from each other and will be run separately on each link. Figure 2.87: Multi-Link Triggering Setup
Set Timers
You can set and use up to three timers for triggering. You can set each timer for each state or continue from a timer set in the previous state. The timer defined for a particular state starts when entering that state. To set timers, click the Timer define each of the timers in the Timer Setting dialog.
icon in each state and Figure 2.88: Timer Settings Dialog
Three timers are available. You have to set and start each timer in order to continue the next timer. For example, you have to start Timer 1, continue it, then set Timer 2 in order to continue it. It will not allow you to continue Timer 2 until you first set it.
SierraNet M408 User Manual