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Teledyne LeCroy
Switching Views
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Add Column
Displays a hidden column.
Hides a column.
Allows you to add a column (see Figure 3.17 on page 125). Select Field, Column Name, Source Direction, foreground and back ground Colors, choose And/OR, display Data Payload Protocol Error icons, apply Frame and Port color, enable Time Format, display Field name, set column Alignment and Width and Add to Pre‐defined Columns. Columns can also be added to the Pre‐defined columns list. This list is a flat list where you can keep columns you might want to toggle on/off.
Edit Column
Allows you to edit column properties. It has the same functionality as Add Column above (see Figure 3.18 on page 126). Delete Column
Allows you to delete the selected column. Auto Fit All Columns
Adjusts the column widths to fit the text.
Restore All Columns Widths Restores the column widths to the previous size.
Go to:
Displays options to go to Trigger, X or Y Position, Packet No., Time Stamp, Marker, Begin and End.
Change Time Stamp Format: Displays options to select the time stamp format.
Displays the Preferences dialog.
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