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InFusion Scenarios
To remove or edit the existing captured DWord in an event, the user can right‐click on the desired DWORD and choose “Remove” or “Edit”
Figure 4.17: Remove or Edit Captured DWORD
Global Rules
Global Rules are a portion of the Scenario that can define only one test state. To create the Global Rules, you use the menu‐driven interface to enter an Event or Combined Event and the corresponding Action or set of Actions (the response of InFusion hardware to the Event).
In the case of a Combined Event, the Action is taken upon occurrence of any of the Events stated for the Event combination. It is a logical OR association, meaning any of the Events can trigger the Action.
After you enter the Event or Combined Event, the interface prompts you for Actions. An Action might be, for example, injecting a particular ordered‐set or error into the traffic stream. You can enter multiple Actions, which take place simultaneously. If one of the Actions is Stop Scenario, the other Actions will NOT be carried out. To stop the Scenario after the requested Actions have been carried out, you should branch to a new state which stops the Scenario. After defining the Event and Actions within the Global Rules panel, you can save the Scenario and run it.
SierraNet M408 Protocol Analyzer User Manual