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Launching Your Analyzer
Teledyne LeCroy
Switch to Advanced Mode Toggle Button
Figure 1.18: Easy/Advanced Mode Toggle Button.
Add Device to Project
After you start the software, select File > New Project to open Add Device to Project dialog. The following Add Device to Project dialog displays (see Figure 1.19 on page 16). The colors in the ‘Location’ column mean the following:
Red: Device is not updated (firmware or one of bus engines is not updated).
Light Blue: Ready to connect.
Yellow: Device manually added and it is not connected OR device is locked.
Green: Connected
Select a device with “Ready to connect” status.
If the device supports more than one protocol, select the desired protocols from the drop‐down list in the Port column. Select the port configuration from the Link Assignment column.
Click OK to connect to the device.
SierraNet M408 User Manual