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Switching Views
Teledyne LeCroy
Add Marker Byte Order Go to: Change Background Color:
Change Text Color:
Set Time Stamp Origin:
•Current Position:
•Based on System Time:
Opens the Marker List dialog. You can add and delete markers (see “Markers” on page 127.)
This option is context sensitive. This option allows a you left/right align the data display in each cell.
The Go to option jumps to a related frame in the viewer. It displays the following sub‐menu options to go to Trigger, X or Y Position, Packet No., Time Stamp, Marker, Begin and End.
Displays colors to change the background.
Displays colors to change the text.
There are four options to set time stamp origin.
Sets the time stamp to zero when the recording starts. The first frame in the trace might have the time stamp larger than zero due to filtering, hiding or other reasons such as recording started in the middle of a frame.
Sets time to when the trace was triggered.
Sets time to the current position.
Sets time based on the system time.
Displays the Preferences dialog.
Copies the frame to allow you to paste it in the Trigger settings.
Column Display Options
You can customize the columns display by showing/hiding, adding, editing or deleting columns. Right‐click on the column header and select an option as shown in Figure 3.16 on page 123.
Figure 3.16: Right-click Menu Options in Spreadsheet View.
SierraNet M408 User Manual