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Teledyne LeCroy
Launching Your Analyzer
Note: If you are connected to the device using Ethernet, the Configuration menu does not have the Setup IP command.
The IP Setting dialog displays. For IP Mode, two radio buttons are available: Static IP and DHCP. DHCP is the default (see Figure 1.34 on page 26.) Figure 1.34: Static IP Setup Dialog
Static Configurations
Within static configurations, SierraNet M408 must be manually programmed with an IP address, Subnet Mask and a default GATEWAY. Once SierraNet M408 has been programmed with the static network configuration, it will broadcast a UDP message on its own subnet stating that is on line and available for connection. Note: This broadcast is only on the subnet that includes the SierraNet M408 System. When the application is started on the host machine, it will broadcast a UDP message on its own subnet asking all SierraNet M408s available to identify themselves. Note: This broadcast is only on the host machine's subnet. If the host machine and the SierraNet M408 System reside on the same subnet, they will see each other’s broadcasts and the application will automatically populate the Select Device list. 2. To change to Static IP, click the Static IP radio button.
Enter the Static IP Address.
Enter the Subnet Mask. Click Update. The system displays a warning message. Click Yes to get a success message.
SierraNet M408 User Manual